Formerly the Original Cards A*****t M*****s (New Name and new look!)

Our roller coaster of a journey has led us here. Different name, SAME content. Take a moment to read our story below.

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Our Story


Hi everyone! We are a group of Potter fanatics who frequently spend time together in Hogsmeade. We decided it would be amazingly fun to create a Harry Potter parody card game for us to play at the theme parks.  Over three years, we developed the game and spent hours making a handmade version for ourselves.

We run two large HP fan clubs in Florida. Recently, we had requests from friends and fellow club members for a copy of the game. We made a small batch and had some left over. One of us has a craft company and shared it on that Facebook page. In two days, the post went viral! 

We had no idea how to handle the massive number of incoming messages, emails and phone calls!  We immediately deleted the ordering information and started a wait list until we could figure out the next step.  (Our lives after work became consumed with trying to keep up).  There were news stories posted all over the world with information incorrectly linking the game with the Etsy store associated with the Facebook account.  With that came WB shutting down the post along with our social media and most of the Etsy store under a Gaming and Sporting Goods Copyright Infringement and the use of the word Muggle infringement. 

Next came the dozens of copycats that came out of the woodwork claiming to be the original.  They were selling games under the same name and even using our photos.  While the copycats continued to sell their games, we were working around the clock trying to figure out a way to get our game back on the table. 

We hired a lawyer to guide us and after several meetings, it was suggested that we pitch the game to WB.  We took a few weeks and properly pitched the game.  While the Reviewers may have liked the game, this wasn't something that the brand could endorse, even at PG level. 

After all the hard work, time and money spent on the game we were unable to move forward with selling the game. Even though we were thoroughly disappointed, we realized what was most important to us is to get the game out there to the real HP fans! So we decided to share the game for free!  This means a Free Downloadable version of the game for you! 

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By Downloading this game you agree that you are at least 18 years of age (or a legal adult in countries outside of the US) AND agree to the terms below.   

THE TERMS:  The Card Game That Can’t Be is a derivative of Cards Against Humanity created by Cards Against Humanity, LLC, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. The Card Game That Can’t Be Named is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. That means you can use, remix, and share the game for free, but you can’t sell it without our permission.  

Full licensing information here.

This is a PDF download. There are 500 cards and we have the cards formatted to print on business-card template paper.  (This will save you hours of cutting.) You can also download the template to create some of your own cards! 



Here is a suggested Amazon link to business card perforated paper (You will need 2) 

Don’t want to use the perforated business card paper? 

Choose the “WITH BORDERS” download files to cut yourself. 

Card Stock:


Laminating Sheet:

FREE Game Download Here

CGTCBN White Cards FRONTS (pdf)


CGTCBN White Cards BACKS (pdf)




CGTCBN Purple Cards FRONTS (pdf)


CGTCBN Purple Cards BACKS (pdf)




Printing Instructions (pdf)


Suggested Printing Paper (pdf)


Create Your Own Purple Cards TEMPLATE (doc)


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Donate to the Creators (pdf)


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